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message from our Executive Director

The Annual Campaign and The Challenge of "a la carte" Charitable Giving 

Message from Steven Friedlander, Executive Director

With the advent of the Internet, information that was once limited to the store or showroom is now available to us almost anywhere: in our home, in our car or even on a walk in the park.  A la carte shopping also allows us to eliminate waste, while focusing only on what we desire most. Please click here to read the complete article.
Smart Giving in Serious Times

The Jewish Federation: Smart Giving in Serious Times

In these difficult times, when your personal resources seem stretched to their limits, allocating your charitable dollars to worthy causes is a serious responsibility: doing research, gauging accountability, determining merit, ensuring that your dollars make an impact. There is a simpler way... read the full text of this article
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What's In It For You: The Less Tangible Benefits of Giving

Tzedakah (a Hebrew word) literally means justice or righteousness...  What's In It For You: Less Tangible Benefits of Giving
Children Holding Tzedakah Box

What's In It For You: The Tangible Benefits of Giving

There are some tangible benefits for you when you make a donation to your federation... What's In It For You: Tangible Benefits of Giving

One Place to Care for the Elderly

One Place to Care for the Elderly

Everyone has the right to live with dignity, to feel safe. Federation works year-round to meet the immediate and long-term needs of millions of elderly Jews... read the full text of this article

The Jewish Federation Annual Campaign is designed to strengthen and support our Jewish community from the ground up... watch why we need you now
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Donate Now Because...

$13 delivers a food package to an elderly Jew in the FSU

$250 delivers 52 weeks of kosher lunches at the JCC senior center

$25 delivers textbooks and supplies to one Hebrew school student

$365 delivers a scholarship for a teen to attend a Judaism and ecology seminar

$40 delivers a local family holiday workshop

$50 delivers medication for an indigent client

$1000 delivers 16 counseling sessions for a troubled teen

$30,000 delivers a cancer family care program

$750 delivers a JCC membership for a new immigrant family

$50 delivers three new books for the Jewish library

$1200 delivers plane tickets for a family of four from Kiev to Israel

$160 delivers a month's college living allowance for an Ethiopian student in Israel

$52 delivers two months blood pressure medication for a senior citizen

$1000 delivers a month-long stay at the home for the aged

$6000 delivers a year's scholarship for a toddler at the JCC early childhood program

$70 delivers special eating utensils for a Jewish nursing home

$75 delivers job interview clothes for a new American immigrant

$19,000 delivers an AIDS education program in Israel

$75 delivers a personal counselor for a special needs camper

$10,000 delivers 33 driver's education scholarships for new American immigrants

$100 delivers Shabbat dinner for 10 local college students

$25,000 delivers a new immigrant caseworker

$100 delivers one speaker at a Jewish education lecture series

$120 delivers a 5-month Hebrew-language program at an absorption center in Israel

$125 delivers two days of emergency food and shelter for a single parent and child

$2,000 delivers basic necessities for a new Ethiopian immigrant family in Israel

$300 delivers one month of pre-school for an Ethiopian child in Israel

$500 delivers one month of van service to take seniors to the hospital

$1500 delivers one day-school scholarship to a needy student

$13,200 delivers one person's temporary housing at an Israeli absorption center

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The Ways To Donate...