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Hello Everyone,

My name is Mori and I'm going to be your "shinshinit" for this coming year!
I'm sure it will be a special learning and amazing experience. I'm so excited, and can't wait to start!

So, a little about myself… My family and I live in 'Givat Ela' which is a small village in the northern part of Israel, 40 miles west from Haifa. We live a little bit far from the rest of the family who is spread around the country, but we are lucky that Israel is small, so we get to see each other quite often. Within my core family, we like doing different activities together like shows, traveling, or simply going to the beach. We typically share outdoor hobbies. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends, go to movies, travel, hike, play tennis, and during summer time, I like to go to the beach. I participated in a number of 10k running events. I enjoy it very much.

            I like contributing to my community; I'm quite active at social events at school.

I was one of the councilors in the youth movement at our village. I guided 5th graders through weekly activities and periodic field trips. During our weekly meeting with the kids, my partner and I used to prepare special activities for each meeting about our surroundings, upcoming holiday, events or simply party games. Last summer my friend and I were in charge of a day camp program for kids ages 6 to 10 in our neighborhood. I enjoyed it a lot, and received very positive feedback from the kids and their parents.


Just before I go to service in the IDF I am looking to volunteer in a meaningful mission for one year. I'm interested in participating in the Israeli Young Emissary program because I lived for four years as a child in the United States, and I hope I have the right background to help develop and improve the connection between the Jewish communities in the U.S and the country of Israel.


Looking forward to meet you all soon!


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