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Shalom Westport, Connecticut!!!!!

I am Rotem Margi and I am going to be your new "shlicha" for next year.  I would like to tell you a little bit about myself so you would know more about me other  than my name.

I was born in Kfar Saba, which is in the center of Israel, and grew up at Kibbutz Ashdot.  Three years ago we moved to Moshav  Rammat  Zvei at the northern part of Israel, next to the Gilboa mount, after my parents built a house there.

Most of the people consider my family big  --  we are 6 kids including me and both of my parents. I have three brothers and two sisters (I am the fourth child.) My older brothers are Alon and Raz.  Alon is 24 years old and Raz is 22 years old.  Alon works at Intel and Raz studies aerospace engineering at Technion University.  I have an older sister named Ela, who is 20 years old and now serves at the army (IDF). My younger brother, Tomer, is 13 years old and he had his Bar Mitzvah at the beginning of the year.  My little sister Nofar is 9 years old and like Tomer is still at school. My mother's name is Zvia and she works as a nurse at Afula hospital. My father, Efi, is a gym teacher at my old primary school. We have a dog named mazal ( which means in hebrew 'lucky') and two cats (Mizi and Zogi).

I love animals and traveling outside.  In my free time I like going out with my friends, reading, watching movies and sometimes cooking and baking.  I love music, but unfortunately my musical abilities are close to none.  I love singing although most of the time I'm out of tune and sound awful, but don’t let it frighten you - I sing a lot and the people around me are still alive!

I was a youth guide for three years in my moshav.  I guided 7th, 9th, 4th and 5th graders from my moshav.  I used to guide camps and direct ceremonies for the holidays in the moshav.  I work as a babysitter and in my moshav's after school daycare.


When I heard of this program, I was really interested trying for it, and I'm glad I did.  I'm very excited for next year and hope that I could get to know all of you and you will know me.  I hope I will be able to show you a new Israel and that we will enjoy every moment.


With lots of love and excitement,


Your next year shlicha,

Rotem Margi !!


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